Rocketplane Facilities

Rocketplane Global LLC operates from our office in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We no longer have a manufacturing facility - instead, as mentioned on our business strategy section, we are using the facilities of our associated companies for the manufacturing and operations of our rocketplanes.

Burns Flat Facility Burns Flat
While we plan to commence operations of the Rocketplane XP space tourism at the Oklahoma Spaceport, a former Strategic Air Command base, we are also working on being able to use facilities at Spaceport Florida, and various Spaceports around the world. Our designs allow us to operate from virtually any commercial airport. The Oklahoma Spaceport is run by the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority (OSIDA), this facility is the ideal operational base for Rocketplane Spaceplanes and has an enormous 13,500 ft runway, operational tower, fire and rescue service, ample hangar space, and will feature an all new modern Flight Operations Center complete with ground receiving stations, and “mission control”.