John A. Burgener, Director, CEO
Mr. Burgener has been developing reusable rockets since 1991. He was instrumental in founding Rotary Rocket Company as one of the three original investors, along with Walt Anderson and Tom Clancy. He was one of the first investors in Xcor. He was one of the early investors in Pioneer Rocketplane, and was a board member of Pioneer for several years. He was instrumental in bringing Rocketplane and Kistler Space Systems out of bankruptcy, and is a major shareholder of both. Mr. Burgener is president of Telegistics Inc., Burgener Research Inc., and of Dynamic Daylilies Inc., all of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Burgener has been instrumental in the development of ICP Spectrometers - the main instrument for chemical analysis used in all laboratories today, and continues developing software and hardware for spectrometers. Mr. Burgener has served on many boards - most recently on the Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin, and of Autodesk Scholastic Software. Mr. Burgener has worked professionally in all branches of the sciences, and holds an honors degree from U of Toronto in Physics and Geology.

George D. French, Past President, Advisor
Mr. French has served as President of Rocketplane Global Inc., since 2012 until March 2021. He was formerly President of Space Explorers, Inc. Mr. French serves on the board of several aerospace-related organizations including Lunar Research Institute, Inc. and Space Week International. Honors Mr. French has received include the 2000 NASA AMES Research Astrobiology Team Group Achievement Award, National Space Society, 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year award, 1995 Aerospace State Association Achievement Award and 1996 and 2004 Republican National Convention Delegate.

Chuck Lauer,
Former V.P. Business Development

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Charles (Chuck) Lauer, a true veteran of the Space sector, one of the founders of Rocketplane Global, instrumental in developing spaceports in North America, CBDO of Spacebit, President of Spacebit North America and member of the Board of Advisors of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Chuck will be greatly missed by all who knew and worked with him. He touched so many with his contagious energy and genuine interest in serving humankind and pushing the frontier of space. He dedicated his life to the development of reusable rocketplanes and enabling access to space. If anyone knew about space business parks or commercial lunar robotic exploration systems and lunar resource development business models, it was Chuck.

Mr. Lauer was a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture & Urban Planning. He was Vice President of Business Development for Rocketplane Global. He was also a successful real estate consultant and developer, and the President of Peregrine Properties, Ltd. in Lansing, Michigan. Mr. Lauer was responsible for negotiating, obtaining regulatory approvals and arranging financing for over $350 million in numerous successful real estate development projects. He researched and developed potential business opportunities in space since 1991, and has published numerous general interest articles and technical papers on commercial space development. Mr. Lauer has been a consultant to Boeing, NASA and several space start-ups on commercial space development. Chuck died suddenly March 28, 2021.