Analytical Capabilities

Rocketplane Global's analysis team includes experts in thermodynamics, aerodynamics, trajectory and performance analysis, structural analysis, and systems engineering. Our skills personnel come from Lockheed, Boeing, Cessna, Bombardier, and carry varied backgrounds in both launch vehicle and aircraft design and analysis.

Analysis by Rocketplane Global and our subcontractors is performed using industry proven software including AGPS, TetRuss, Miniver, Lanmin, dbMass, ISPcalc, OTIS, NASTRAN, DATCOM, Matlab/Simulink, PANAIR, VECC, MGAERO, VLAERO, ANSYS, CEC/Trans 72, SPF2, Orbital Entry Aeroheating Evaluator, FLOW3D, OVERFLOW, and MSFC Gaseous Radiation Codes.

Where possible, each analysis is performed in various software packages and compared to laboratory and wind-tunnel data to ensure agreement and accuracy. By combining education, experience, proven software, and creative thinking, the Rocketplane analysis team is able to create the required models, simulations, and analysis to confirm design elements and suggest improvements in an efficient and cost effective manner.